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Providing you the vascular care you need

Patients And Families

Our Patients are our #1 Priority!

At Open Access we take pride in delivering friendly, caring, compassionate and highly specialized care for those in need of vascular care. We are committed to ensuring that every time you visit our center, you are treated the same: as the most important patient in our center!

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The Health and Functionality of Your Vascular Access Begins with You!

Be sure to look at and feel your access everyday. By doing so, you will know your access better than anyone else. This will allow you to detect changes early. If you notice any changes, no matter how minor they may seem, bring them to the attention of a member of your dialysis care team. In doing so, potential problems can be addressed early on. By becoming an active participant in your healthcare, you can keep your dialysis on track! Remember, the Open Access care team is only a phone call away.

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Vascular Access Care

Our goal with all vascular access treatment is to ensure your access works well and is able to give you the dialysis treatments that you need. At Open Access, we rely upon our collective experience and skills as medical professionals and caregivers to fulfill our promise to you.

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Are You One of the Millions of Americans Who Have Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.)?

“It” is known by many names — Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.), Peripheral Vascular Disease (P.V.D.), leg atherosclerosis, claudication or just poor circulation. Arteries can slowly become narrowed and blocked as a consequence of age, smoking, high cholesterol or diabetes. For individuals with the most severe blockages, skin ulcers, non-healing wounds or even gangrene can occur. With prompt treatment, pain can be lessened and amputation can be avoided.

If you are over 50, especially if you have cramping in your legs when you walk — talk to your healthcare provider or call Open Access about getting tested for P.A.D. It might save your leg, or your life!

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