Dialysis Access Care


At Open Access Vascular Access we take pride in delivering friendly, caring, compassionate and highly specialized vascular access care for those in need of medical care.

99 Percent Overall Procedure Success RateYour vascular access allows you to receive your life-saving dialysis treatments. Because of this, it is commonly referred to as your “lifeline.” A well-functioning access is essential. An access that does not perform optimally can prevent from you receiving adequate dialysis. When this occurs, toxins and fluids can build up in the body, potentially affecting your health and quality of life.

We at Open Access can help you with all of your vascular access needs. Whether it’s guiding you in preparing for a new vascular access or caring for your access once it has been placed, our goal is to ensure your access functions optimally.

Early detection and timely treatment of access problems helps to keep your access working optimally. Access problems ranging from infection to narrowing to clot formation or poor flow can be easily corrected through minimally invasive procedures performed at Open Access.