Dialysis Access Care

Clinical Caregiver Education

Our outreach and education programs provide valuable information for clinical caregivers, patients and their family members on a variety of health topics related to vascular access care. The goal is to help patients get the vascular access care they need through collaboration, education and support.

Come Visit Us

Caregivers are invited to Open Access to witness the impact timely and appropriate interventional care has on dialysis access. Participants will don scrubs, lead aprons and personal protective equipment (PPE), enabling them to closely and safely observe live procedures. Instruction includes hands-on physical assessment of the vascular access and identification of the clinical indicators would warrant further evaluation. The relationship between dialysis access exam, the monthly lab data reports and the dialysis machine will be reviewed as they pertain to access function and dysfunction.

Vascular Access Education at your Dialysis Center

Hands-on training is provided for patients and clinical staff on vascular access physical assessment techniques as mandated in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Conditions for Coverage. Center rounds stimulate additional discussion, concentrating on the correlation of machine readings and clinical findings to the early detection of dysfunction as part of the monitoring process. The importance of early intervention is stressed to preserve access function and increase longevity.

We also offer other educational programs that can be delivered at your dialysis clinic and can be customized to meet your specific educational needs.