Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Clinical Caregiver Education

P.A.D. Focus Day

Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) is often a silent predator affecting the health and functional capacity of the renal patient. A P.A.D. Focus Day is performed in the dialysis clinic with training provided for patients and clinical caregivers. This program focuses on vascular health and limb preservation through early detection of peripheral arterial disease and stresses lifestyle changes for modifiable risk factors.

Our clinical educator assists patients in completing a Risk Assessment Form and provides education on P.A.D. awareness. Caregiver training focuses on the recognition of clinical signs that may indicate current or impending development of Peripheral Arterial Disease. This collaborative approach encourages ongoing evaluation, diagnostic testing with medical, endovascular and/or surgical management as indicated, ultimately allowing patients to get the vascular care they need.

P.A.D. Education Series

Our series of educational presentations focus on clinical topics highly relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of P.A.D. Contact hours may be awarded based on the specific topic presented and presentation length (average 1-2 hours).