Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Risk Factor Tool

Risk Factor Tool

Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.) – commonly known as clogged arteries in the legs – increases your risk for heart attack, stroke, amputation and death. National medical guidelines recommend that certain individuals be tested for P.A.D. We invite you to use this Risk Factor Tool to determine if you are at risk for this disease.


This test is completely confidential and anonymous. Your results are not recorded and are only available to you. You will not be asked for any personal identifying information during the quiz.


This quiz does not provide a diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease. The results cannot be substituted for a full evaluation and diagnosis by a healthcare professional and should only be used as a guide to understanding your potential health issues.

Review the following statements and place a check in any box that applies to you.

    I am 50 years of age or older and have at least one other P.A.D. risk factor, including:

    • History of smoking

    • Diabetes

    I am age 65 or older.
    I have one or more symptoms of P.A.D., including:

    • Leg muscle discomfort or pain that is caused by walking and that disappears with rest (known as “claudication.”

    • Skin wounds or ulcers on feet or toes that heal slowly (8-12 weeks).

    *Excerpted from ACC/AJA 2005 Guidelines for Management of Patients with PAD.PAD Coalition